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The Ugly Sucker- As seen on national and local television programs and networks. Customers of all ages enjoy these zany candies and artworks.

The Ugly Sucker is a hand-crafted lollipop of delicious gourmet recipes shaped like silly faces. The zany lollipops are proudly stirred, poured, and wrapped in the United States of America. One of the many special aspects of these crazy treats is the extra amount of meticulous and speculated work that goes into each and every lollipop in order to incorporate the unique details and silly shapes.

Each and every Ugly Sucker production step is well worth it as it is often said that these suckers are among the most deliciously detailed candies ever marketed.

"Not Just Another Pretty Face"

Ugly Suckers are available in Beastly Banana, Butt Ugly Berry Blast, Too Dumb Bubble Gum, Rotton Cotton Candy, Ogre Orange Cream, Putrid Pina Colada, Wretched Raspberry, Scary Hairy Cherry, Ugly Stick Sour Apple, and Sickening Strawbanana with other flavors sure to be added!

The fun continues as Creepy Ugly Suckers are currently brewing in our cauldrons and anxiously waiting to be unleashed. This silly-spooky line of Ugly Suckers is to include characters such as a witch, a vampire, Frankenstein, a mummy, a werewolf, and a skull. A whimsical line-up sure to frighten and amuse customers of all ages!

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